Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me and Vanna

Hey who this lady . oh the yellow star ahha so dark jerng hean tort rob with handsome man pong. haha this man not handsome pros ter me min sove mean ponlir jerng heoy ban see ke handsome jerng nos . oh forget he is the groom now, his name Vanna

Dark nas merl min see face te

hhahahhah star rise at nigth dark jerng . why so dark like this, actuall she not so dark te her skin very fair oh becoz the photographer don't know how to took the picture that why so dark like that. has tha mich min men mok pi nak tort rob te ki mok pi star nis ort mean ponlir ning na ki mean ter pel 10.30 hahhaha

Rise at 10.30

You see the star started rise at 10.30 really fresh jerng. hahaha

This boy very shy to talk with me but he is brave to took the picture. We call him the satr on Cow's cart as me too . The star are red and yellow in here.hahaha

Take a look supper star on the cow's cart ahhahaha. Do you see those star are cute but most cute the star who in yellow , an old star ahahah.